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Ottawa Eavestrough Cleaning

by Top Shelf Home Services


Ottawa-Eavestrough is a division of Top Shelf Home Services.

Our main focus for this web site is to promote our eavestrough cleaning services (aka rain gutter cleaning) in the Ottawa area. It is a smart idea to have your eavestrough cleaned once or twice per year, depending on the amount of trees that are surrounding your home. By doing so, you will prevent eavestrough and roof damage. Having your eavestrough cleaned will also prevent water from dripping down the side of your home, causing foundation damage and basement flooding.

It's an important task that needs to be done for the proper maintenance and infrastructure of your home. Without proper cleaning, weeds, fungus, mould, and decaying organic material can start to grow within the eavestroughs, building up debris which can cause nasty results and added weight to your eavestroughs. If you're not looking at doing this yourself, we can help.

We also install eavestrough leaf-guards (or gutter-guards) which will keep your gutters leaf and debris-free. These covers will keep debris from entering the eavestrough and, therefore, prevent any clogging.

For more information on all services offered, including residential and commercial window cleaning, pressure washing, eavestrough repair, and installation, please visit our parent website Top Shelf Home Services.

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